Arlissa: Leaving Her Own Mark In History

As children, we all have dreams and are constantly asked by adults “what do you want to be when you grow up?” A question whose answer is bound to evolve and change as we grow older. For the talented and beautiful singer, Arlissa, the very first thing she wanted to become was an archeologist. “I was fascinated with all the artifacts and how we preserved these amazing parts of history,” she shared. “We were never there, but we knew and felt so much from periods of time.” Ironically, this dream was what put her on the path to developing a music career. Through her music, she will not only document parts of her life but “when I’m gone, all those parts of me will live forever,” Arlissa shared with love in her heart.

From being fascinated with artifacts that made their mark in history to deciding to do the same through her own lyrics, Arlissa knew at the age of fourteen that she wanted to be a singer. Openly expressing that she is a very emotional person, the only way she could process those emotions was through her singing. “I remember telling my dad I wanted to sing, he told me to watch Prince’s Purple Rain,” she shared looking back on that time. This was something that truly spoke to her as she realized that Prince “took all his sadness and trauma and turned it into something beautiful.” And that is where her passion for writing really took off.

You see, the singer’s upbringing was somewhat troublesome but luckily her father was here as a constant, helping her move forward every day. Finally, when she turned 19, she met Sam who has been her rock through it all. “I have wonderful men in my life, my dad and Sam have always believed in me which helped me believe in myself,” Arlissa expressed with stars in her eyes. Whether it be good times or bad times, they have always been there and of course, not to forget her manager Pete who “also gets honorable mention for talking to me 20 times a day and listening to me ramble in LA while it’s 4am in London for him,” she expressed laughingly. When you have an amazing support system, nothing can stop you…

And with that support, Arlissa finds herself having recently released her EP “The Lovers” which is the first fully produced body of work she has ever put out. This whole record holds a special place in her heart because it’s the first time she was able to express herself exactly how she wanted. “When I wrote my acoustic songs, they were confined to acoustic because I couldn’t afford production,” she shared. Unfortunately, when she signed with a label, her freedom was stripped and she felt forced to compromise her integrity from which she lost herself a bit… “Gaining my freedom back as an independent artist felt like coming home; finding myself again and creating like I did when I was a little girl;” a feeling like no other.

But what is the true meaning behind Arlissa’s lyrics? Well, that none of us have it figured out. We are making our way through life and learning as we go. Evidently, we make mistakes along the way and learn many, many lessons. However, “if we can do all that with love in our hearts, we can find peace, even if we get it wrong,” Arlissa shared openly. Nothing lasts forever whether it’s the good or the bad and that’s OKAY. As she added, “we’re all just here to experience this crazy ride that is life.” Yes, sometimes we wish the ride would stop but then again…where would the fun be in that?

This brings us to thinking about our past times and moments we wish we could go back to but for the artist, there is none she would go back to because “life’s about living in the present.” Every significant moment in her life has allowed her to discover another piece/side of herself which makes them all equally beautiful “and I cherish them all deeply,” Arlissa added. Take a second to let that sink in. Many times we look back or look forward and forget to focus on the now. Something I can personally attest to. But when you take a second to appreciate what is happening before your eyes, no matter good or bad, you realize what its purpose is. If its purpose comes later that is fine too…but accepting the present as it is, matters!

While you sit there and think about what it is you want for yourself in life, Arlissa has some advice for you aspiring artists! “Fight for your art. If it means something to you, don’t compromise,” she stated. No one will ever know what is best for you but yourself. It is all about trial and error and if you get it wrong, at least you can say you tried. Believing in yourself is key.  And this is something we can all apply, no matter what profession we wish to get into. At times, we can find ourselves following others blindly and ignore our gut which at many times, is right.

Arlissa has found her passion in life that blends her career and her sanctuary. Whenever she performs, she gets the “biggest rush and sensation,” it makes her feel alive. And when she hears the crowd singing back, those scary little thoughts become “this roaring cluster of voices sung back to you.” This brings a feeling of accomplishment to the artist. Taking all the sad, confused energy and transforming it into a giant celebration. Having only wanted to bring that kind of energy to her life and that of others, Arlissa has a lot more music, love, and abundance coming!

I’m excited to see where this year leads, and if you stay on this journey with me, you’ll be in for a wild ride.- Arlissa


Talent ARLISSSA @arlissa
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