Anna Maiche

Anna Maiche: Taking On The World of Film and Television With Beauty and Grace

The beautiful and talented actress, Anna Maiche, was brought into this world with a destiny already written…With her mother being an actress herself, Anna was exposed to the industry her whole life, which makes it safe to say that some seeds were planted from early on! But what really gave that push was something else…As Anna put it, “emotions always fascinated me,” something she could truly explore as an actress!

After all, each project is unique in its own way as it asks different things from the talent whether it be conveying anger, sadness, happiness, and thousands more! It takes hard work and dedication but when you nail that scene…the feeling is overwhelming! Before getting to where she is today, the actress recalls her first audition which was for a student film in New York. “Oh my goodness, my first audition was such a mess! I absolutely bombed,” she shared openly. “I was so, so nervous I ended up just speeding through the whole thing and when the casting director asked me to do it again but slower I did it the exact same way!” Having felt shaken and defeated, this was definitely a rough patch but also an incredible learning experience!

Despite a rough start, (I mean who doesn’t have one at the beginning!) Anna continued on and has recently starred on Netflix’s TINY PRETTY THINGS which explores the world of dance and drama. “What an experience, the whole thing was so much fun,” she shared looking back. Of course, it did come with some challenges such as being so far away from home and going back to ballet! “Although dancing was such a huge part of my life, I can’t say it didn’t come with its own trauma,” Anna shared candidly. “The past me would say dance means perfection, pain, dedication, and sacrifice.”

Originally, her character Cassie was not supposed to be a dancer however due to her background, the writers wrote in a few ballet scenes. “So I dove into classes with the rest of the cast and tried to quickly get in shape!” Despite her conflicting relationship with dance, today it “means expression, whatever you want that to look like.” Wowing us with her performance as Cassie, this is not the only project that kept her busy!

Prior to shooting the series, Anna was filming for her recent role in the horror film, WOMEN, which has just been released! Having had such a wonderful experience on set, the talented actress connected with the cast and crew almost immediately. “It was a tiny Icelandic group of filmmakers and they were a joy to work with,” she said. “My character goes through unimaginable abuse and I felt comfortable pushing myself to that place because of the crew.” With love and excitement in her voice, it is safe to say that this project holds a special place in her heart.

And as mentioned, she found herself having to push her boundaries as her character undergoes very intense trauma throughout the film. “My first scene on the first day, after having just met everyone, was a torture scene so that was a pretty big challenge,” Anna opened up. “It was also a challenge to play someone who was in pain for such a long period of time.” Understandable! Finding herself feeling drained after repeating these heavy scenes, she learned “how important it is to acknowledge the emotional toll it takes, address that, and then carry on.” Absolutely!

Anna Maiche is not only a very talented actress, she is a beautiful soul who learns from every experience and challenge she faces in life. Also very passionate about protecting animals from abuse, she hopes to “save the endangered species, and put an end to factory farming and commercial fishing.” Keep an eye out as this talented actress takes on the world of film and television with grace, passion, and dedication!



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