Amanda Steel


words by Michelle Ganney

photos by SOSA + ART

BELLO sat down with YouTube sensation Amanda Steele. She signed her first contract at the mere age of 13 and has since amassed an enormous following on her YouTube channel and social media. Find out what her favourite Coachella outfit was and who her ultimate girl crush is!

BELLO: So you started your YouTube channel when you were 10 years old. When did you realize that your channel had become this huge global thing?

AMANDA STEELE: When I as about 13 I signed with a network and that’s when I really saw that it was a whole world, that this could be my career and that there were so many other careers surrounding it. That’s also the year that I figured out YouTube, what people wanted to see – I was making a lot of content just around that time. I was seeing the impact that it had and I was being noticed more if I went to the mall or something. I realized it was pretty big!

B: Do you have a particular structure when it comes to your YouTube videos or do you play it by ear?

AS: I don’t have a specific upload date, I try to do Saturday’s but I kind of upload whenever I think it makes sense. I film once a month at the YouTube space, I just knock out all of my videos for the month then because it’s kind of hard for me to film all my videos on my own.

B: So I saw you posted a few tweets about Coachella. Which weekend did you go to?

AS: It was crazy, I went both weekends, which totally killed me. I’m like sick now recovering from it! I was even more sick after the first weekend so it was intense. But it was a great time and being there with your friends and just listening to the music, it’s always great to get away.

B: What was your favourite outfit that you wore to Coachella?

AS: I wore this all denim look that I was obsessed with. It was this denim top, these long denim shorts and a denim jacket tied around my waist. It was all denim!

B: If you could choose any anyone to do a YouTube video with you, who would it be?

AS: There’s this stylist, Monica Rose, she styles all the Kardashian’s and a bunch of other people and I think she’s the person behind all of that so I think that’s someone I’d rather have make a video with because she knows about the fashion and I’d love to hear her view on things.

B: So I know you’ve signed up with WME IMG Models. How’s that been for you?

AS: It’s really exciting! When I first went to New York to finally meet with them after I signed it was really great I had a bunch of meetings, I got to see the whole modeling world and kind of get thrown into that and I’ve been doing test shoots which is really awesome and also been auditioning for acting roles from WME. Nothing has really come out yet but we’re all just working together and figuring it out.

BELLO BUZZ: Quick Round

Favourite song at the moment

Rambo remix featuring The Weeknd

Favourite talk show host?

Ellen DeGeneres

Favourite film?

The Bling Ring

Girl crush?

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Lipstick or lip-gloss 


Bronzer or blush?


Ankle boots or knee high boots?

Ankle boots

Sweet or savoury?


Photography Arthur Galvao + Sosa




styling assistant ASHLEY DELVA

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