Alex Cubis

Usually, rising star Alex Cubis divides his time between Sydney and LA. While quarantine and travel restrictions may have kept him stuck in LA, it doesn’t mean it’s reason to not find some joy in style. Catch him in a new series and some other film projects later this year. Shot by Justin Chen. Styling by Nicole Cloutier.

How do you stay positive?
That’s a tricky one – but I think keeping a balance between productivity and finding time to relax are good things to be mindful of day-to-day. My default is to distract myself with busy work but oftentimes that’s not an effective long-term solution to tackling a challenged mindset.

How do you stay inspired?
Reading and listening about people doing great work – no matter what their job might be. When it comes to finding creative inspiration, watching good movies and shows, or reading scripts, tends to work.

How would you describe your style?
I’m not sure I really have a style – I tend to rely on others’ input. But when in doubt, I just try to keep it simple and make sure the fit is good. Most of the time, I try to buy second-hand or vintage clothes from op-shops – better for the environment, and it’s cheaper.

Photography Justin Chen

Talent Alex Cubis @alexjcubis

Stylist Nicole Cloutier @nicoleaimeec

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