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Alejandro Speitzer As He Welcomes The Unexpected With Open Arms 

It’s funny how life works. You pick a direction, you make a choice and from one day to the next, everything changes. Not to get too cliché but you can either resist or ride the wave and find yourself in an even better mindset, environment, and more. For actor Alejandro Speitzer, this type of moment happened to him when he was offered a role on DARK DESIRE. “I had just finished a very complicated shoot and my plans were to relax,” he opened up. “Nevertheless, when they handed me the first chapter and I read it, I instantly knew it was a character that I could not let go of.” There was no way he would pass up the opportunity to act out this fantastic plot and fully immerse himself into a thriller.

Throughout the filming process, Alejandro was lucky to work and share his time with such a loving team. As he shared wholeheartedly “having the pleasure to work with people who you, not only admire, but also love, is without a doubt something that I truly value and cherish.” Everyone brought something unique and exciting to the table allowing multiple souls to connect on different levels. Soaking in all the love from the cast and crew, Alejandro did also create a special bond with Maite Perroni and Erik Hayser.

So who does Alejandro play in the series?

Playing the role of Darío Guerra, Season 2 allowed the audience to get to know this character better and dive deeper into his background. “This enabled me to portray and transmit why his personality is shaped the way that it is,” the actor explained. In one scene, some crucial information about him is revealed and this particular scene proved to be complicated for Alejandro. “It was such a complicated scene for me, psychologically speaking, that I decided to speak to my psychologist in order to further understand the significance of what happened and the impact it would have on Dario’s character,” he added. When in doubt… ask an expert!

And that is what I call true passion and dedication. I may not be an actress but as I continue to work with many, it’s truly a beautiful thing to see someone fully immerse themselves into their projects. Everything is a learning process, an opportunity to grow! Take the series as a whole, the first season was a worldwide success which meant the momentum had to continue… and as Alejandro shared, it definitely did!

With every experience, every show and every character, Alejandro finds a special place for each in his heart. Forming a bond with each and every one of them, he holds reminders of what each one helped him discover and more. Two roles he learned the most from include  “Gabino” from “alguien tiene que morir” and “Joaquin Carrillo” in “la cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta.” Roles that were complex in their own way, the actor had to dig deeper within to truly understand and then portray the roles in the best way possible.

After all, “being an actor is being able to evade myself from everything that I am. Being able to leave my ego aside and enjoy the emptiness,” he shared candidly. Acting is an outlet which allows him to detach from himself at times in order to better open up to the world. However, when looking within, most people do not know that Alejandro is “very emotional. I base my life and my decisions based on feelings and emotions and not so much on what I think or “what is right”.” Laughingly he added “ I must admit that I am a bit corny at times haha.” Who doesn’t love some corniness?

Alejandro has a big heart and who he is today is greatly thanks to his mother who raised him and his brother, alone, as he was growing up. “These are moments and memories that I will always cherish and hold tightly and that still today teach me so much,” he opened up nostalgically. “And have the ability to remind me about the importance of fighting for what I want everyday.” Goosebumps. To those of you reading this, what moments or individuals in your life inspire you? Take a moment to think about that…There’s beauty in many things, you just have to remember at time!

Ah yes, the B word…Beauty. In a world where its definition is constantly evolving and changing as well as is different for everyone, the actor shared what beauty means to him. “Beauty describes a moment that, for the eyes, can seem like an eternity. It’s present everywhere and in so many ways,” she opened up beautifully. “In my opinion, beauty isn’t exactly the stereotype that society imposes, it’s something much deeper.” No argument there.

When he isn’t acting, Alejandro enjoys playing soccer and enjoys expressing himself through fashion. “It allows us to reflect the essence of our personalities,” he ended while also talking about art! Enjoying the little things in life, he is sure he will find his purpose one day. However, today he is “committed to pursue this path that I chose, a path where I have accomplished to be fully present and in which I have been able to enjoy all of the different processes involved.” There is always a solution. There is always a way.

In this New Year, Alejandro Speitzer is ready to take it all on and welcomes anything life has in store for him. After all, he believes that life will put you in random situations that you can’t necessarily control, which is when you must be able to adapt and explore new routes that you didn’t plan ahead. “Essentially, I would say my only goal is to have the ability to adapt to every situation that life puts in my path,” he ended. A little something we can all learn from!



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